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Add/delete products as often as you need to. 1 to 1 million. Rotate Automatically giving equal
exposure to each! 

Works With All Affiliate Scripts & Affiliate Management Systems Including PayDotCom & ClickBank!

Tracks Affiliate Traffic & Records  Clicks in Real Time--No Delay!

Works with 1-tier, two-tier or multi-tier affiliate products!

Works alongside Adsense, and Amazon Ads!

Supports Special JV Partner Ads!

Masks Affiliate URL!

Easy Installation--BOLTS Right in!

Affiliate Plugin Generator is a powerful (yet easy to use) Windows software. What it does is:

(1) Create an Ad Management script for displaying Rotating Photo Ads on a Word Press site or blog.

(2) Generate Wordpress plug-ins for displaying those ads.

It's a cool, new way to attract JV and affiliate partners and PUSH sales for all kinds of products or services 24/7!.

Simply Get your Affiliates To Install YOUR New WP Plugin, Insert their affiliate ID (and display preferences), and click save.

Imagine having HUNDREDS of Wordpress sites or blogs, THOUSANDS, even, giving you 100 per cent EXPOSURE and Tons of Targeted TRAFFIC 24/7.

What if they each made you at least one sale per day, or one sale per week.

Better still, 5-10 sales...or more? What will that mean for your business and income for a change?

Their affiliate links are even cloaked for good measure. Yes, we've taken care of that too, so that visitors, while hovering their mouse over an affiliate link, won't get to see the destination URL.

Here's a screenshot of what YOUR Photo Ad may look like:

They rotate Automatically for equal exposure--meaning that visitors who refresh their page on yours or your affiliates' Wordpress sites blogs--or visit multiple pages--will be presented with a different offer each time, thus potentially boosting your response rates...and sales.

And Here's a Live DEMO as Proof
(opens in a new browser window)

Refresh that page and a different ads surfaces each time. The built in rotator does it automatically.

Also Click here to download a sample plugin to see how easy it is for your affiliates to set up your products on their blogs.

IMPORTANT: Read the 'Install Info' HTML file in the zipped folder for install instructions. 

  Setting up YOUR Ad Management Script

The software itself consists of two main component parts::

1. Photo Ads Script generator for setting up the script that'll manage your ads. You'll need to upload that script to your Web Server!

2. A WordPress plug-in Generator that creates the plugin that your affiliates upload to their blogs for displaying your ads!

The software itself comes with a special Setup Tool for each: creating the configuration file for the script, and generating the plugin itself. 

They're both done from your desktop and there's NOTHING complicated here at all.

Just a few clicks. It's That Quick & Easy!

Everything's done logically with the script's configuration file being created first. Once complete it's a matter of uploading the output file along with a small cluster of other files to your hosting account. Any FTP software will do.

The process of displaying your ads on WordPress is controlled by the script itself on your Web server.

 Creating & Managing Your Ads

Creating your ads is as easy as filling in a few blanks: product headline, sub headline and a brief product description, then using a browse button to locate the product image on your PC.

Each new photo or image is automatically resized and you'll get a chance to preview each ad so you can tweak it if necessary, until you're comfortable with the look and feel prior to going live. 

Again, there's nothing complicated here at all and you can create as many ads as you need to.

The Ad Manager

Designed to help you control what visitors see on your own Wordpress site or blog, and your affiliates', here's where you'll edit, delete, and create new ads at will - and update each and every Wordpress site or blog in your network...AUTOMATICALLY!

It also displays a list of all current ads, and the number of clicks per ad, essentially tracking your Affiliate Traffic.

Each and every time an affiliate link gets clicked, it gets displayed in real time so you can get a sense as to what works and what doesn't or how well your team is performing.

A little tweaking here and there is all that might be required. Get it right and watch your sales explode!

SIDE NOTE: Supports Unlimited Product Types Across any Number of Niches. Comes in really handy should you decide to promote various product types in different niches.

All you have to do is create a separate set of ads for each product type and give your affiliates the option of choosing what's most appropriate for their campaign or business.

A single installation of the Script supports all of your ad types split into categories, OR create a separate WordPress plugin for each category.

You may also create a SPECIAL plugin thatíll display ads or products for a selected number of JV partners.

Creating Your WordPress Plug-in

Again, this is super easy. The easiest part, in fact, and it's done from your desktop using the
Plugin generator

All that's required here is that you fill in a few form fields: the Web address of your Photo Ad Script and two other pieces of information.

That's all there is. Once complete (takes under a minute), simply click the "Create" button and PRESTO!

Easy Install & Integration

As easy as any WordPress Plugin. Upload and activate.

All your affiliates need to do --once activated-- is include their affiliate ID (and display preferences).

From then on each and every ad in the system will start rotating on their blogs.

It's really is that easy? It is!

And you may install as many copies of the script on as many Web sites as you need to, as long as each Web site is owned by you.


  1. The Script: A Web host that supports PHP and MySQL (most do!)

  2. Plugin Generator--the software that creates the plugin and script: PC running Microsoft Windows.

  3. WordPress Plugin: WordPress platforms, self-hosted ( NOT hosted on wordpress.com) versions 2.8 and onwards.

 Summary of features:

  1. Controls your ads--New ads, edit, delete, etc. from one easy to use admin panel!

  2. Automatically updates each and every blog in your affiliate network!

  3. Easily promotes new products with a few easy clicks!

  4. Supports Unlimited Products Across Any Number of Niches!

  5. Creates 'Special ' JV Partner Ads!

  6. Ads Rotate & "Cached" Automatically!

  7. Works With all Affiliate Scripts, including PayDotCom & ClickBank!

  8. Tracks Affiliate Traffic and records every click in real time--No Delay!

  9. Masks Affiliate Destination URL---seen only after clicking on it!

  10. Compatible with Ad units such as Google Adsense, ClickBank Hop Ads and others!

  11. Easy Installation--Easy Integration-BOLTS RIGHT ON!

And finally,

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LICENSING: The software is for your personal use and may NOT be resold; The Script it creates may be used on an unlimited number of Web sites, as long as they're all owned by you. It cannot be distributed or resold, but any Plugins it generates may be freely distributed without restrictions.



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