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Changes ALL Affiliate Links
Inside of your E-book or Report...

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Even a Complete Newbie Can Go from $0 to $1000s In No Time Using This Breakthrough Technology!

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Dear Friend,
In spite of the current Global economic down turn, more and more Top Marketers continue to create BUZZ 24/7 many pulling in 5 and 6 figure INCOMES with ease!


It literally boggles the mind. But those aren't just lucky breaks. They do so in part, by creating mini PDF reports and having their affiliates quickly brand and give them away. 

It's a great way to move information across the Internet, but more importantly, a remarkable way to PUSH sales for all kinds of products and services NON STOP!
If you run your own Affiliate program then you already know why getting affiliates to promote you is so brutally effective... It's like being on a thrill a minute ride that never stops!

Of course, some days aren't nearly as good as others and if you're new to affiliate marketing, it doesn't necessarily mean instant Bucks. However, it's the surest way to a GUARANTEED income, and certainly the BEST known stepping stone to Internet success.

That's how BIG names such as Ewen Chia and Mike Filsaime got their own BIG Breaks online and why HUNDREDS of others continue to strike it lucky and finding themselves on a roll for years.

Key to your success is having the right players on your team. Once you've decided on a product to sell, it's the next critical step in breaking into this VAST new territory with HUNDREDS of Affiliates, thousands even, bending over backwards to promote you, especially if they know for sure, that their commission is safe!

However, There's One Terrible TRUTH YOU Should Know...

That MOST Affiliates, Good and Hard Working as They May Be, Simply HATE Spending Time and Effort Creating Promotional Material!

 Some simply do not have the time - and most do not have the skill.

They love INSTANT, Ready-To-Go Promotional Material that they can either paste into an auto responder or Web page, material such as Image Ads, Banners etc. that they can deploy without even having to think OR, EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE Reports -- PDF Reports -- that they can send to their mailing list, distribute via membership sites, their own Web site, Blog, Social Networking sites, Free Download sites, OR just about anywhere...

PDF Reports have been around for sometime. And distributing them through an effective, well motivated affiliate force, is a remarkable way to push sales for all kinds of products and services!

What's more, a HUGE percentage of those who read your FREE Report (NON Affiliates) will end up sharing it with others.

Soon that happy little report could easily make its way all over the Globe, resulting in INSTANT sales, and thousands of paychecks year in year out.


But there's one HUGE problem...

Most PDF Reports are branded using "traditional" .exe branding technology.

Generally quite technical by design, affiliates often find them difficult to use, and the
truth is, Affiliates do not take kindly to complex things. 

Many will simply 'freeze' as soon as they're presented with a complicated brander while for others, it's nothing but a Time-Sucking NIGHTMARE, not to mention THOUSANDS of Mac users who simply get left out altogether.

Meaning that OVER HALF your potential affiliate sales are LOST!

But here's what.  Starting TODAY you can brand PDF e-books and Reports form your own Web site, INSTANTLY, automatically, with NO More .exe Branding Tool Required and without any hassle, or HUGE capital outlay.


   Introducing INSTANT PDF Brander


   -- The NEW Quick and Easy Way To Brand
PDF e-books and Reports from YOUR Web sit

Devilishly clever, it's been designed to do one thing and do it  well: GET AFFILIATES TO push more and more customers to your Web site and TAKE YOUR SALES TO THE LIMIT!

All you have to do is set up the program one time --just once--upload your FREE reports (ANY NUMBER OF REPORTS) into the folder where the script resides (on your Web site) and have your affiliates download their own personalized copies
( their affiliate ID already built in ) with just a single click.
It's as easy as entering their affiliate ID into a simple form, submit that information (one click) and out pops their very own personalized report ready for download and ready to be given away.

It's The Fastest, Easiest Way to Launch A New
Product, Send Conversions Through the Roof, and Multiply Your Profits


… and with No further input from you…

If you're a member of ClickBank, enter your ClickBank nickname or affiliate ID into the box below and click the Submit button. A new window will open up with a download link to a sample report that you can download ready branded with YOUR ClickBank ID.


If you do not have a ClickBank ID, just enter your first name (or any string of letters).

Your ClickBank ID


>>Order Securely Via PayPal<<

It's dead easy.  More so when replacing an affiliate ID ONLY, within an affiliate link. 
Replacing an entire affiliate link is also easy and you may include up to 6 complete links.
NOTE: Also specify a default ID for each link (optional).  It'll be used should any of the boxes be left blank by any of your affiliates. 
And change the text or layout if you wish (optional), or remove any entry that you may not need.
Any standard HTML editor will do.


We've gone to great lengths to make the system dead EASY to use once set up. Simply upload each report into the folder where the script resides. 

And there's NO LIMIT to the number of reports you can upload on a single installation of the script.

Uploading additional reports in future is also dead easy. 


We've also gone a step further, granting you unlimited use to the script itself. Install it on ANY number of Web sites. From a single site to a million, as long as they're all registered under your own name.



 Imagine having 20 different HOT Reports selling in different markets all making you money 24 hours a day!
     Imagine each bringing you a minimum of $10 a day on average.  That's a TOTAL of $200 each and every day ($6,000 per month) without lifting a finger!
Imagine creating 40, 50 or even a hundred mini reports with hundreds of affiliates enthusiastically pushing them all over the Web non stop!

And it  matters little, whether it's an original report that you personally developed from scratch, one that's been ghost-written for you, or a resale rights or PLR report rewritten by you and labeled as your own.


You probably have more information on your hard drive, in fact, than you can read in a year. Simply breathe some life into as many as you could and they're as good as Gold.


Once you have it down to where you can make money with them, it's a matter of converting them into PDF files, putting them through the system and having your affiliates re-brand and distribute them.

>>Order Securely Via PayPal<<


1. Create your PDF reports. (within the software itself, is a link to the most popular free PDF creator there is, in case you don't already have one).

2.  Run the special setup tool (as shown in the screen shot below)
Once uploaded, your affiliates simply need to visit the script's Web page and enter their affiliate ID.
It's that easy, all in a matter of minutes, and you can add new reports (any amount) to the system at any time over and over and over again.  Deleting any, is just as easy.



The Web page templates included with the script are also customizable so they can be optimized to match the look and feel of the rest of your Web site.

It's really cool being able to blend in any new addition to a Web site, with the look and feel of that site. However, this is optional but you can if you want to, and just about any HTML editor will do.




This isn't about stringing together the usual worthless pieces of junk made to sound good so you feel like you're getting more than your money's worth, they'll TRULY compliment or add value to what you do.
BONUS #1: Affiliate Brander Pro (Software)

A Conventional .exe Brander.


Instant PDF Brander is currently the easiest way to brand your FREE reports (easy for you and easy for your affiliates).  Yet at times, you may need to, or find it useful to use a traditional .exe branding tool.
That is why we've included, as a SPECIAL BONUS, a copy of our very own...Affiliate Brander Pro.
It'll create a special .exe file that your affiliates simply download, activate, insert their affiliate ID or links into (one link at a time), then save a complete, ready to use, branded PDF file onto their PC ready for distributing.
One of the coolest conventional .exe branders on the market, you'll find it really handy should you ever need to use one.
Costing up to $97 for a comparable application online, it's yours FREE with your copy of Instant PDF Brander.

BONUS #2: PDF To Text Converter



A COOL PDF-To-TEXT Converter That'll Extract The Text From YOUR PDF e-book or Report and Create Editable Text Files for YOU In Mere Seconds!!

BONUS #3: 15 Incredible Success Videos
Candid and fun, it Unravels The Affiliate Marketing Puzzle Whether YOU Run your own Affiliate Program or Sell Other People's Products.

Includes a quick and easy way to add instant credibility to your message and maximize the number of sales your Web site makes.


Learn of the dangers of common Web design pitfalls that can lose you sales. Not just a rookie mistake.  It's a common mistake found on Web sites of established businesses all over the Web.


Learn also, how one silly mistake cost me a HUGE number of potential customers, and how to avoid this common pitfall.

Plus lots of little known, easy-to-duplicate strategies for boosting affiliate income on demand!  Lots! 109 Minutes in all!

And don't forget, your very own copy of the most popular PDF creator there is!
Use it to create UNLIMITED E-books or Mini Reports - and add affiliate links to them!

And finally...

Cash In BIG With Something That Has NEVER Yet Failed!

Promoting products via viral PDF Reports is a killer Marketing Tactic used by many of the BIG names in Internet Marketing and
Instant PDF Brander PROVIDES a quick and easy way to profit as they do. 




It's also affordable. 

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If you run an affiliate program or a raw rookie looking to gain Power-seller status OR start your own affiliate program with a BANG!
If you're looking to set your products up for a viral explosion without complicated systems and HIGH OVERHEADS!
If you're looking for an uncomplicated, low-cost way to an automated flood of new customers day in day out!
If you hate having to brand affiliate links after creating a PDF Report or simply don't have the time it normally takes to do!
If you're looking for a UNIQUE affiliate branding system that practically runs itself and can be set up in Minutes NOT Hours or Days!

If you want a simple way to add or update new product offers on the fly and without the guesswork!
If you're in the process of planning your next product launch or looking  to turn your online business into a profit pulling machine!
If you're looking to recruit TOP Quality JV Partners to increase conversions and profit!
If you're a complete Newbie OR, simply fed up with big promises and No Results!
If you realize that successful marketing means focusing your time on the things that matter most, and automating all that's possible in a FAST-moving marketplace! 

In 10 minutes or less, you can download your very own personal copy of this revolutionary branding machine designed to make your on-line business profitable and fun... and using free reports you may already have.


Instant PDF Brander (set up Software)!
Instant PDF Brander Script -- use on as many sites as you wish!
Step by Step Setup Instructions!
Affiliate Brander Pro - a conventional .exe brander that you'll find really cool should you ever need to use one!
A PDF To Text Converter for extracting Text From YOUR PDF Files and Creating Editable Text Files In Mere Seconds!

15 Incredible Success Videos: Taking your Affiliate income to a new high whether YOU run your own affiliate program or sell other people's products.

      from one to infinity. Add and delete at will.
      • INSTALL ON MULTIPLE DOMAINS  - 1 domain or 1 Thousand.  Profit from them all!

    • ONE TIME PAYMENT PAYMENT- Pay just once. No recurring fees!





My No Risk,
'I know I can trust you', 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Instant PDF Brander with NO obligation whatsoever.

If at any time during the next 60 Days, you decide that it does not meet your requirements, simply send me a quick email and I'll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

It's a Free Trial Version for the next 60 days, essentially.

Try it.  I'll take ALL the Risk!  


Your Choice...

In spite of the current Global economic down turn, marketing insiders are predicting a great year ahead for smart Internet marketers including those who use branded reports to build their online business.


And as more and more Internet Marketers learn about a new way to take PDF Branding to the next phase, many more are jumping on board and striking it lucky!

Will you join them and create a name for yourself or will you join the long list of those who just never made it - unfortunately?


I can't help you decide but I've made it dead easy to take a major leap, go viral in no time, and start making record-breaking affiliate sales at will!  


Even if  you may have lost a great deal of time and money over the years, this may be one way to ensure that something has finally made up for your loss.


Often ALL It Takes Is a SINGLE Easy To
Duplicate System
To Start The Ball Rolling
Then Milk It for all It's Worth!


So Here's What To Do Next

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Requirements: The script setup software is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows
only. The script itself (NOT the setup Software) requires a Web host that supports PHP and SQL (most do).

Please note also, that this software is for your personal use only.  It does NOT carry any form of resale rights.

If you have any questions please click here to contact us.